23. 2. 2018

Slovenian product for clean environment

More and more cities in Europe and around the world are aware of the importance of a healthy environment and clean air in urban areas. Where there are more people, there is also more traffic, heating, transit, etc., and consequently air is more polluted. In the municipality of Celje are also aware of the issue, where in 2017 a project of paving with photocatalytic paving was performed. Such paving will assure cleaning their surface and air. In municipality of Celje, decision was to place such paving stones in front of the main entrance of the Celje Fair, around the statue of Celjanka.
The development of photocatalytic paving is the result of mutual cooperation between two Slovenian companies Tlakovci Podlesnik and Cinkarne Celje. Ultrafine Titanium dioxide, which is installed in pavements, in the presence of sunlight, reacts self-cleaning, i.e. clean air and at the same time also its own surface. The property of photocatalytic paving is to remove harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the air as well as organic pollutants. Such paving stones have been commercially available for many years, and more and more eco-oriented customers are deciding to install such pavements. With pavement around the house, we can remove as much NOx from the air as we produce when using a modern passenger car with a modern engine with internal combustion.