19. 11. 2018

Cleaner living environment without allergies

Have you ever thought that you could live in a cleaner and healthier living environment? Have you thought about what would happen if children in the kindergartens and schools could be breathing cleaner air and were significantly less exposed to various viral infections, or that in the facilities with great flow of people, for example in hospitals and work places, we could actively reduce the possibility of infections? We are living in time, when this is not just a wish, but a reality available with nanotechnology. Cinkarna Celje and its business partners are involved in photocatalytic nano materials. It is the use of nano Titanium dioxide (TiO2) produced by Cinkarna Celje, which successfully eliminates the pollutants of various tipes from the air on the basis of a photocatalytic reaction on the surface of photocatalytic material.
It is a relatively simple application, namely, we are talking about coatings and paints containing nano TiO2 and, as such, are coated to the walls and ceilings of the buildings. Coatings containing nano TiO2 eliminate unpleasant odors from the air, prevent the development of bacteria, viruses, reduce the possibility of infections that are transmitted by air and decompose toxins. Following this, they also effectively reduce the possibility of allergies and asthma reactions. The new nanotechnology now enables us to have a better and healthier living in our environment.