Safety, health and environment

The responsible handling of nanotechnology at Cinkarna Celje


Cinkarna Celje is one of the largest Slovenian chemical processing companies and an important European producer of titanium dioxide pigment and ultrafine titanium dioxide. Research and development are the key to ensuring sustainable operations of the company. Nanotechnology is seen as a promising field because the functions enabled by nano products are very important and have major market potential.


In addition to developing products and technologies utilising the advantages of nanotechnology, our responsible management of these technologies also enables sustainable development.

Our products contribute to the development of new solutions for a cleaner environment, a more enduring look of construction areas, and the protection of people and materials from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Responsibility and management

Social responsibility, which includes the care for the health of employees, residents of the area, and our clients, and the responsible management of resources and the environment are important aspects of our operations.

When producing and selling nano materials, special attention is paid to the safe and environmentally friendly manner of producing and using these materials.  Latest scientific discoveries and systems for managing quality, safety, and environmental risks are taken into account.

Risk management

Our entire nano material production is designed so that nano materials are always in the form of a water suspension and in a closed system, which provides maximum protection from potential risks to our employees, while also preventing environmental impacts.

Where necessary, we also provide suitable personal protective gear for our employees.

Much attention is paid to being informed of the latest studies in the field of safety and risk management in nanotechnology. For this purpose, we work with established local research institutions and we take part in relevant European projects and initiatives in the field.

Our commitment to the responsible production and the sale of nano materials has been recorded in our Code of Conduct.