Ultrafine TiO2 particles enable the transparency of wood stains and provide them with high UV ray absorption. Furthermore, they extend the lifespan of wood products coated with such stains.



After applying a coating with added ultrafine titanium dioxide on wood, a layer is created on the wood, protecting it from UV rays. For this reason, the wood keeps a natural look, the colour does not change, and the quality of the coating diminishes less over time. Our products are available as stabilised water suspensions that are more easily integrated into products because they do not need to be dispersed as dust materials, and their handling is also simpler.


Cinkarna Celje suspensions are water-based, so the coating system must also be water-based in order for these systems to be compatible.

Sufficient dispersion of ultrafine TiO2particles in the product that we are using must also be ensured. This will allow us to avoid the agglomeration of particles and the resulting poorer absorption and reduced transparency. The suitable dispersion of particles is achieved by properly blending in ultrafine TiO2 suspensions. By increasing the amount of the additional active component, the level of UV absorption is improved, but care should be taken not to add too much, as this could diminish the transparency of the coating. 

Compared to a coating with organic additives, a coating with ultrafine TiO2 offers a more intense UV protection that does not diminish over time. Contrary to the organic additives that decompose over time, ultrafine TiO2 particles do not change as time passes.


Why choose our products

Long-term wood protection

Because they provide long-term wood protection, as the particles do not decompose under the influence of UV light.

UV protection in the entire UVA and UVB spectrum

Because UV protection is provided in the entire UVA and UVB spectrum up to 400 nm.

Longer UV protection

Because our materials do not decompose like organic additives, allowing them to provide longer UV protection.

Neutral suspensions

Because suspensions with added ultrafine titanium dioxide have a neutral pH.

Natural wood colour

Because they preserve natural wood colour, as the particles are small and the wood stains are hence transparent. 

More durable coatings

Because they prevent the deterioration of coatings, as they do not act in a photocatalytic manner under UV influence and they do not decompose the coating. 

It keeps the wood fresh

Because this UV absorber maintains the freshness of wood.

Because we are customer-oriented

We are adaptable, creative, and ready to meet customer requirements and, if necessary, develop a product tailored to a particular customer and cooperate with this customer in the development of their application.



Product Surface treatment Use Application Links
CCR 220 Mn Al2O3 An aqueous suspension of the ultrafine TiO2 which guaranties great UV protection , better weather resistance and a longer life span of the wood lazure. Water-based wood lazures Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
CCR 150 Al2O3, Fe2O3 An aqueous suspension of the ultrafine TiO2 which guaranties great UV protection and good weather resistance. Water-based wood lazures Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

Technical data


Activity and transparency of coatings


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